Florida Jets 2012 is a wrap! Discuss it and post photos here!

I had a great time at this year's Florida Jets! I was fortunate to demonstrate and share some stick time on the Skymaster F9F Cougar. The aircraft is powered by a JetCat P-180RX. The engine is awesome.

More to come....

Tell your story here.


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Florida Jets was an awesome time! I had plenty of successful flights with my Electra and had a great time socializing with everyone from all over the world. Unfortunately, my brand new Skymaster Hawk 100 had an accident and I wasn't able to enjoy the plane while it lasted, but hopefully we'll have another one up and running soon. Although the weather on friday and saturday was a bit windy, I still managed to get some experience flights on my Electra, which helped me build my confidence with landing in crosswinds. I had a great time and cant wait till next year! 

FL Jets 2012 was a great event. I always enjoy seeing friends from a far that we don't see very often.
Frank is always great with his awesome sense of humor.
This event means a lot to me as that is where my hubby purposed to me in 2009.
Maybe after getting some more stick time I can one day fly at the show. Foushi gotta get to teaching me mister!

Dedicated RC Wife!


I had a brilliant time. Plenty of flying, plenty of good friends and lot's of disgusting, filthy banter (I blame Ali). I didn't really get many pictures but here are a couple.......

I also had a great time at FL jets. I was able to fly my newly finished BVM F-100 a few times and also was able to hang out with some of my good friends and got to make some other friends also. I would also like to thank Bob Violet for giving me the opportunity to come down and work at the shop for a week and a half, and also for putting me up in his house for that time. Thank's also to Dustin and Jessica for having me over for dinner and also putting up with me for the week.

I really need to make the trek there someyear!

good stuff amigos!!!  can't wait til Mississippi AB....hope everyone can make it although I know it coincides with The Gun.

yall have fun and post more pix from FJ, plenty of drama eh?  LOL  too funny

BTW Greg that's a helluva job on the Hun!!! nice!!!

Had a great time, and as usual Dustin convinced me I needed a new jet,

Looking forward to Top Gun


My AW cougar...

Do not attach your photos, it's not like rcu. Look at the site help page for tutorial on how to display images in the forums. This method allows you to control the position of the photo, size too. More like a word document. Growing pains I believe...

Someone was kind enough to get a few pics of my plane so I thought I'd throw them up here.......


Post these in your album also, so they rotate through on the main screen. Great shots, who took them?

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